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Liz Muir’s first published story  was in Child Life when she was 10.  It was about the marsh hens that lived in the swamp in front of their Ottawa Valley farm home. The magazine sent her $1.  Since then, she has published non-fiction stories in magazines in Canada, the United States, Australia and Great Britain. And recently, she has written non-fiction books for adults. But her goal is to write children’s books and her first three picture books have recently been published – Air-Crazy, Fascinating Stories of Canadian Women in the Air, Libres Comme L'air and Air-Crazy Too.

When she’s not writing, she’s an active volunteer with the Royal Ontario Museum, having headed the 600-strong volunteer contingent at the ROM and the international travel program there, ROMtravel. She likes gardening – her backyard was featured one year on Toronto’s “Secret Gardens” tours – she sails in summer and plays badminton in the winter when she’s not baby-sitting her three young grandkids.

And she gives thanks for her two adult children who often dig her out of trouble in computer land.

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A Women's History of the Christian Church: two thousand years of female leadership


A Woman’s History of Christianity is the story of female leaders in the Christian Church from its beginning until today. Over the centuries, women have served as priests and ministers, evangelists, deaconesses, apostles, missionaries, bishops, and perhaps even a pope. They have founded churches, preached and prophesied. But generally, church histories omit these women. This work recovers these strong and colourful leaders, many of them forced out of their positions by the church patriarchy. Most of their names are unfamiliar to the general population, but this work will help restore the recognition their contribution deserves.

In A Women’s History of the Christian Church: Two Thousand Years of Female Leadership, Elizabeth Gillan Muir offers a more inclusive and comprehensive narration of the development of the Christian tradition -- one which takes seriously the contributions of women. This groundbreaking volume packed full of helpful notes and sources is a must read for those who want a more complete understanding of the history of the Christian Church.  

(Dr. Gary B. Agee, Professor of Church History, Anderson University’s School of Theology and Christian Ministry)

I really like the way you structured the book and how you presented the role of women in the Christian Church over time, with such a wide variety of denominations and churches.  A hard job to do, bringing such diversity together in one text and to organize it in a way that flows.   (Jim Bowen, geneologist)

…I have ordered your book for myself, and I have requested that (our) Library order the book for our collection.  In addition, I have informed students in my Fall Term 2019 course, "Intro to the History of Chrisitanity," about the book and its relevance and importance as a resource to them for a number of reasons related to their professional and ministerial endeavors.  It just so happens that this Fall Term I assigned my students a mid-term paper project dealing with women's lives (and leadership roles) in the medieval and early modern periods, and have recommended your terrific book to the class as they decide which figure to explore and write about for this assignment…  A.H.

“…I have already enjoyed enormously using your book in a course I taught…at the Masters level…I was so happy it was out just on time for the teaching of my course… “  W.D.


“Thank you!  I have a copy and use it in my courses in Church History.” S.G.

“…This makes an excellent text for undergraduate courses on Church history…Muir’s approach is engaging in her writing style, the sources she chose to quote from, and use of illustrations. This can work well for students with little or no background in history/church history…”  Laura Swan, Magistra Summer 2019, book review

Published by University of Toronto Press





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A Women's History of the Christian Church is on this list!

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Elizabeth Gillan Muir
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